The "AW SELECTED PLAN" implemented by AWTRONICS, stems from our quality control of high-quality electronic component suppliers and the strict selection of suppliers. AWTRONICS establishs a comprehensive review system through whole quality control process.

Our professional quality control team will conduct regular review and classification of all suppliers in our system, based on historical delivery, quality certificates/warranties and execution quality of trade terms, and eliminate suppliers with bad records.

"AW SELECTED PLAN" is constantly updated according to the latest market standards and conditions, attracting more new strategic partners to join AWTRONICS to better serve our customers.

In AWTRONICS, Improving quality is one of the most important things for achieving long term sales growth and business relationship with our worldwide partners. Strict quality & after-sales guarantee there is no a single quality issue for each parts delivered to our customers.

Supplier Verification

  • Purchasing from Authorized Agent/OEM/Manufacturer


Incoming Inspection

  • Visual Inspection

  • General inspection according to datasheet

  • Lab testing if neccessary


Delivery Approval

  • Shipment Approval and Quality Assurance Letter