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AWTRONICS, a world-class and reliable electronics component supplier in Asia, also is an excellent strategic partner for EMS/OEM to quickly find authentic & traceable electronic components. Since launching in 2015, We are constantly working on building our global network and help our global customers to source any components or obsolete parts, product quality and reliability as well as management and business processes.


We have established long-term relationship with the original makers and authorized agents, we are focusing on selling various types of semiconductor devices, such as (Diodes, transistors, IGBT modules, MOSFET) and integrated circuit (IC, memory chips, CPU) Passive (ceramic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, resistors) and other components (connectors, switching devices). We strive to become the world's leading electronic component provider.

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  • Customer Satisfaction

We provide reliable and configurable services to our global customers.


  • Beyond Excellence


We treat our employees as the most valuable resource.


  • Quality Assurance


We have a complete inspection process to every component before shipping to our customers. 

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